Attitude of Gratitude: Volunteering with Kids, Link Roundup!

Several Facebook posts in Redding online communities have been wondering, as we enter this season of giving — how can I involve my kids in service? While most organizations, frankly, need financial support more than anything to achieve their mission, many parents wonder how they can engage their children in the hands-on work of charity, in the hopes of imparting a character lesson as well.

We addressed a bit about some hands-on ways kids in Redding could participate in stocking our food pantry and helping heat the homes of our neighbors in a recent post, but there are many other ways kids can get involved. Here are some ideas that might help your RES student find a way to give back to our community and our world this season and beyond!

40 Ways Kids Can Volunteer, Toddler to Teen – fantastic and practical ideas from volunteering for Meals on Wheels to growing a vegetable garden to help local food banks to starting a kids’ performance group to give free shows to community members.

50 Kid Friendly Volunteering Ideas – Another great list of ideas for getting out there and getting your hands dirty, including things like doing a mini-street cleanup effort to act truly local.

10 Kid-Friendly Volunteer Service Projects – from the Points of Light Foundation, this great list takes the normal suggestions of food pantry drives and makes them more fun and accessible to kids, and also emphasizes the importance of committing to service as a family.

Tips for Volunteering with Kids – even with great intentions, it’s hard to make time to serve others in the community in between karate practice and classical guitar lessons and meal planning and spelling tests. How do you make giving back easy and part of your every day routine? This PBS guide offers some great suggestions.

So go out there and get active in our community with your RES student! The lessons will last a lifetime!

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