SOUPer Bowl victory!

While your team may not have made the Super Bowl this year, RES kindness won our 1st annual SOUPer Bowl — a collection of non-perishable goods our PTA families did for the Redding Food Pantry on the Friday before the big game. A big cheer of thanks to our organizers and all who participated!

PTA Volunteering, Revisited.

This fall we talked about the challenges of making time to volunteer with your RES PTA when you have other commitments — whether it’s a full-time job or caregiving or other volunteer commitments, we are all so very busy these days! Now that the year is more than halfway done and your RES student is settled, you may again be thinking of ways to help. We revisited our list and added some new ideas…you can make a big impact on the work we do with just a few minutes or hours!

  • Contribute a case of water, a store-bought fruit salad, Costco cookies or paper goods for the staff appreciation lunches.
  • Work a 1 hour shift at the Artisan Fair bake sale — you can sell the stuff OTHER families bake, no pressure!
  • Help check people in or distribute corsages at the Snow Ball dance (one of the very cutest suggestions!).
  • Give 1 hour during the late afternoon or evening for the Fall or Spring Book Fair.
  • Join a committee to work on one of our major projects like Imagine a World or the International Fair; you can share ideas via email and give an hour here and there, and your professional experience will be a huge benefit to these programs.
  • Run a committee for one of our major events — our big program events are on weekends, and if you run the committee, you can set the meetings to accommodate your schedule! We have had a number of busy professionals run our programs over the years, to great success!
  • Help organize an evening or weekend PTA family program like Family Game Night.
  • Offer your expertise for a guest blog on our PTA website or video on our FB page.
  • Give 1 late afternoon hour to help sort fundraiser orders when they arrive at RES.
  • Join our Ladies Night Out team to ask your favorite local businesses for auction items (you can check this off while you’re already at a restaurant or store you enjoy and would be at anyway!).
  • Run or help to run a country table for the International Fair or a station at Imagine a World.
  • Help decorate for the Artisan Fair or the Snow Ball dance.
  • Volunteer to organize an RES PTA club — we’ve had running and knitting clubs after hours for students, but an adult RES PTA book club, a family hiking club or a craft club are just some of the wonderful options!
  • Hand out aprons or check in runners at the annual Turkey Trot.
  • Assist in coordinating our Fall Family Photo Day — many of the activities can be done wholly online.
  • Organize or assist in organizing donation drives for the PTA — setting up a collection location and then taking those goods to the charity benefiting from the drive could take as little as a few hours, total, and can do so much food! One example is this year’s awesome SOUPer Bowl food pantry drive.
  • Share our events and fundraisers with your social network — sharing our Facebook and blog posts takes only seconds but can help us make a huge impact!
  • Volunteer an hour for Friday night set up activities for our weekend events.
  • Help out with our special bus driver appreciation day by greeting our drivers early in the morning with coffee, treats and our thanks.
  • Volunteer an hour or two with a friend at a community event to represent the PTA (at Georgetown Day, the Rock & Roots Festival, or any other town-wide events).
  • Send in donations with your RES student for our charitable activities, such as the pajama drive or our Frosty drive.
  • Help a major event or committee by managing a SignUp Genius page for their needs.
  • Help organize author visits with our library team.
  • Sit at the PTA table during open parent-teacher night, orientation or other all-school events.
  • Get involved with our lunchtime music program by identifying and suggesting local artists.
  • Send letters to our local media about RES PTA programs that have made a difference to you; share your positive thoughts on social media.
  • Donate craft supplies, large stand-up acrylic photo frames and cases of water to the PTA, if you see a great deal someplace — we always need them!
  • Spend an hour after school helping us clean up and organize the PTA supply closet.
  • Research fundraising options for next year — from a spirit wear vendor to a fall fundraiser, we are always interested in hearing about new or better options, and we don’t always have the time to look into them; it would be great to have help for our incoming Fundraising Chair to sort through the options.
  • Help deliver and put up signs encouraging people to vote when it’s time to weigh in on our school budget.
  • Send along articles of interest about parenting, education and PTA programs for inclusion on our Facebook page or webpage.
  • Use your tech skills to help us redesign our webpage to be more user-friendly and appealing.
  • Shop using our “free money” links at Amazon, Shutterfly, Primary, Mighty Nest and more.
  • Attend Board of Education and Board of Finance meetings to help ensure RES PTA community viewpoints are being heard; if you can’t attend in person, you can send emails to the elected officials in charge.
  • Send in neatly trimmed Box Tops for Education twice a year.
  • Join our Second Shift committee tasked with strategizing ways to meet the needs of those who can’t volunteer during the school day.

And PTA members who work outside the home or who have other commitments can also serve on our PTA Board! Next year we will need a Treasurer, a role that can be done largely “off hours.” While it’s been amazing to have our Treasurer able to attend meetings, thanks to her flexible workplace and tremendous personal commitment, it is possible to do the role remotely, sending reports to the Board to share with the PTA membership. We also will have other openings for major committees and are very willing to find ways to work with folks who want to take on leadership roles, but who need scheduling accommodations. Just reach out to us and start the conversation!

If Music Be the Food of Love…RES PTA’s Lunchtime Music!

This fall, popular blogger Geek Dad posted about taking his elementary school-aged daughter to see live concerts, and how much they both enjoyed and took from the experience. While we can’t bring Imagine Dragons in to RES — no matter how great our Yankee candle sale went! – the benefits of live music for kids is real. The RES PTA is proud to sponsor the Lunchtime Music series again this year, as one of the cultural enrichment programs we provide for all RES students.

On February 8, we welcomed Jennifer Terry, and the next lunchtime concert will be on March 15 with Redding’s own, the fabulous Amy Cabot! Ask your kids what they think about turning the cafeteria into a concert hall!

In Case You Missed It — Thanks, Congressman Himes!

At our January PTA meeting, we shared a certificate we received from our U.S. Congressman Jim Himes, celebrating our status of a National PTA School of Excellence. He was not able to attend our student celebration of the honor at the last RES Town Hall in December, so he sent his regards. He also sent along a certificate honoring Redding’s Teacher of the Year, Matt Farina!

Coming Attractions: Imagine a World Is THIS WEEKEND!

This Saturday from 1-4pm, the RES PTA is hosting one of our most exciting events — Imagine a World, a celebration of the arts and sciences. This year’s theme is “Senses,” and attendees will be able to travel through interactive stations, in both art and science, to learn about how we experience the world!

It got us thinking about the connection between the arts and sciences. Many of us may remember them being taught separately in our youth, and maybe even might think of them as “opposites.” But education experts now see that they truly are integral to each other, and that teaching kids to think about both helps spur creativity and encourage achievement. These experts cite examples like Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps the western world’s earliest and most iconic engineer, to show how truly revolutionary thinking must encompass principles of both arts and sciences. While it seems obvious that our world desperately needs innovators in science and engineering to work on urgent issues of global climate change, food shortages and alternative energies, what is becoming clear is that artistic education will help drive that innovation, as well as prepare our scientists and engineers for public life, and universities and employers are already recognizing this imperative.

Hope to see you and your RES innovators at Imagine a World this weekend to reinforce the great scientific and artistic education they’re already getting from our amazing RES teachers!