From Your PTA: Shakesperience Comes to RES!

Today RES kids had the chance to check out Shakesperience‘s performance of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” This production is a bit short of an hour and is targeted towards elementary school-aged children. It includes a review of words that might be unfamiliar before they get started. Using theater to tell the story is a great teaching tool, as well as a meaningful cultural experience. Additionally, interest in theater can encourage empathy, no small benefit in a world where we all could use a little more. You can read a review of a recent production they did at another Connecticut school here.

If you haven’t read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe since your own childhood, here’s a great plot summary to help you when talking to your RES student. You might want to also check out this discussion guide, which is intended for teachers but could give you some good questions (especially for your older RES students). Asking open-ended questions about the show will hopefully spark some wonderful discussions around the dinner tables of Redding tonight!

Did your RES student love seeing live theater? Here are some tips for choosing your next show to see together!

And thank you to all our RES PTA members and those supporting our fundraisers — without you, we couldn’t provide this awesome experience for our RES students. We appreciate you!

Calling all volunteers! Exotic travel opportunity available!

Are you a part of the RES community and looking for a chance to travel to exotic locales, sample delicious food and learn about new cultures? Here’s your chance! Our International Festival committee wants to remind you to save the date for this year’s big event — March 10, from 1 – 4 pm — and invites you to catch a flight to PTA Volunteerland, You can help by joining the committee, signing up to host a country table (space is limited!) and helping organize activities on the day of the event! Find out more here!

Wondering about our International Festival? We discussed it as part of our membership spotlight here. It’s a one-of-a-kind Redding event that your PTA support — like your membership and your participation in our fundraisers! — make possible, so thank you for all you do to take us all on this amazing trip around the world!


PTA Programs Spotlight: Imagine a World.

One of the programs your membership and our fundraising efforts support each year is Imagine a World, our combination science and art fair that celebrates student creativity across disciplines! Last year was the first year when we opened this event to our wider Redding community, inviting everyone to partake in science experiments and art projects like building hand-held light-up circuits and making fashion from recycled household materials. In preparing our children to go into the world, giving them a passion for STEM, as well as encouraging the creative, artistic spirit so present here in Redding, is a great foundation for future success, and we are proud to support the work our teachers are doing with this fun enrichment opportunity.

This year’s Imagine a World committee is already beginning to meet and prepare for this exciting event. The committee chair is looking for scientists, engineers and artists of all sorts who might want to contribute to this amazing experience. Committee meetings will be scheduled to accommodate a variety of schedules, and there will be opportunities to join via conference call or participate via email, if that’s helpful!  If you’re interested in volunteering to bring your love of science or the arts to RES, send us a message here or via our RES PTA FB page!

You can support Imagine a World and all our other PTA programs by becoming a member of the RES PTA. You can set up your 2017-2018 membership at, using the code REDDINGELEMENTARY. All Gold Memberships received prior to September 30, 2017, will be able to receive our new tote bag as a thank you. (It will be great for toting around your little one’s science projects and sculptures!) If membership isn’t for you, please consider signing up for our mailing list, using the same link, to hear about upcoming PTA events and projects.