Getting Picture Perfect for your RES Fall Family Photo Day!

This Sunday is our annual RES PTA Photo Day fundraiser! An extremely talented local family photographer, Claudia Pacifico, is donating her entire sitting fee to help us pay for the many educational, enrichment and community-building programs we run each year. And friends of the RES PTA will have amazing photos, taken at the Redding Historical Society‘s historic, beautiful Lonetown Farm, with peak fall foliage in the background!

If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so through your account, or contact us via Facebook or email. If you can’t figure out how to sign up on MSA, just reach out and we’ll walk you through the two-step process.

If you HAVE signed up, you’re probably spending the next few days brainstorming ideas for great family outfits that will pop against the foliage. Here are some tips from our fabulous photographer’s blog. And here are some ideas from our BRAND NEW RES PTA Pinterest page! We have scoured Pinterest for the best advice on everything from makeup to posing to color combos!

What is your favorite tip for flattering family photos? We want to hear from you!

Transitions: Link Roundup!

Even though we haven’t yet had a full week of school, our kids have been in their new classrooms for 7 days already…how’s the transition going in your home? I’ve found myself turning to the experts more than once as we struggle to get into our routine. Here’s a roundup of links I’ve clipped for our household:

Preparing Your Child for the New School Year – AHA Parenting is a website my pediatrician recommended when my first child was born, and I’ve loved the down-to-earth advice about connecting with my kids and listening to them. While it’s a little late to “prepare” in mid-September, the advice about encouraging the bond between kids and their new teacher, as well as new kids in the classroom, is wonderful.

Back to School: Transitioning Your Family From Summer to School – PBS offers a whole host of excellent suggestions, with the suggestion to be sure to not let the change in routine and weather keep us inside and away from nature. Especially here in Redding, so many of our kids spend the summer outside in the woods being wonderfully wild and exploring. This is a great reminder to get back out there into our beautiful Redding open spaces. After reading this, I resolved to take my kids on an after-school walk with new friends at New Pond Farm! Share suggestions for making sure our busy kids are connected to Redding’s natural space in the comments!

Tips for Going Back to School – The American Autism Association offers a Back to School Guide (you can download it; it’s linked in this article) and this great summary of ideas on how to help kids with autism get back in the swing of things. The idea of creating a passport is a great tool for parents, kids and teachers!

Back to School: How to Get Your Kids Up in Time – One of the main back-to-school battles in our household revolves around bedtime. I hear the same from so many of my friends — we all enjoyed summer’s schedule flexibility where an extra game of checkers or a movie that started a bit late were no big deal. But now the kids are chafing at the earlier bedtimes and are waking up exhausted! This WebMD article gives some great (if not always easy to follow) advice for families struggling with a September full of sleepy kids! Does anyone else have any tips to share with the RES community? We’d love to hear from you here or on our Facebook page!