Serious Fun with Sirius Coyote!

Last week the RES PTA sponsored one of our major annual cultural programs and welcomed the interactive world music group, Sirius Coyote, to perform for our RES students. This Connecticut-based band has been around since 1986, performing around the world and recording albums for all ages. They specialize in making music that exposes kids to instruments, rhythms and sounds from around the world, particularly from Latin America. They love to perform at schools and have a special program that educates kids while it gets them moving! You can read about their special program for schools, as well as about the regions from which the music comes, here. How did your RES student enjoy the show?

Why world music? Why does the RES PTA sponsor programs like this? World music is a great way to explore the world! We love that it’s a living tradition that is tied to so much about life in other places, and it gives opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning. Music is important to people of all ages and kids can appreciate the emotions in the music as an excellent introduction to the culture. And due to the many snow storms that forced snow dates this winter, it was a nice accidental kickoff for our rescheduled International Festival.

Check out our RES PTA Facebook page for some videos of the performance later this week!

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